Common questions

​What happens in a first session?

In our first session we would talk about your concerns and consider together whether psychological therapy could be helpful.  We would discuss your goals and hopes for therapy, and may also talk about which therapy approach(es) might best meet your needs.

How long does each therapy session take?

Sessions last 50 minutes and usually take place weekly or fortnightly.  We can discuss what would work best for you given the nature of your difficulties, and your other commitments.

How many sessions will I need?

​People often get the benefit they need from therapy in up to 12 sessions, however this depends on the nature of their difficulties.  We would make a plan at the start of therapy, but this could be reviewed depending on how you feel sessions are going.  Sometimes people find they need fewer or more sessions than they initially expected.  You can decide to end sessions at any time.

Where will therapy sessions take place?

Sessions can be arranged online, using a free Healthcare app called VSEE.  Accessing sessions remotely can offer a safe and reliable alternative to in-person sessions, and for some people is a more flexible way of with accessing appointments.  Appointments can also take place in person, at Victoria Therapy Centre in Saltaire, West Yorkshire.

Please note that I only work with adults (Age 18+)